April 22, 2019

Getting pregnant for a loved one is a great thing many women look forward to and when it happens, especially at the right time with perfect conditions, the joy is hard to contain.

Even when it comes with nausea, an irregular eating pattern and trips to the hospital for all types of natal attention we suck it up and thank God for it because we know in nine months our bundle of joy arrives.

I know few women will ever forget that moment when they hear their child lung powered cry as he or she enters the world.

No matter the energy we have used in labour, all we want to do is just carry our child and hopefully have the child’s father hands around us in a great feeling of a more complete family.

We leave the hospital after some time and in between bathing, breast feeding and burping our bundle of joy we realize that we also need to start paying attention to our post baby body.

A lot of body parts will demand attention but from my observation the post pregnancy tummy can be a bit difficult for women to get rid of.

For starters I should assuage your fears by telling you what is happening in your mid section.

Think of your abdomen like a balloon that got bigger by getting constantly blown for nine months.

When your baby is delivered, the child leaving just doesn’t pop that balloon, what it does is release the air in the inflated balloon slowly.

To get the air out of this abdominal balloon faster there are researched based solutions to that and I will be supplying the ten most effective ways I know.

Before I list those I will quickly tell you this, it took nine months for your stomach to stretch to accommodate a baby so it takes patience to return it back to the tight tummy you were used to.

With that out of the way let us list the ten ways to remove post pregnancy belly fat.


BELLY WRAPPING-This is a solution that only recently became popular as a natal and post natal solution for mothers.

It involves wrapping a piece of clothing around the stomach especially the lower abdomen so as to suck in the fat that has accumulated in the gut.

To get the best out of this technique, the wrap must be firm and tight on all edges but not so tight it affects your breathing or movement.

Another huge advantage of the belly wrap is added body heat which helps you shed calories faster.


BREASTFEEDING-Letting your child suck on your breasts doesn’t just benefit the child; it also makes sure there are series of contractions in your uterus which ensures the belly fat reduces the more the child sucks.

Another huge benefit of breast feeding is the amount of calories you can just burn by sitting and feeding your child which reduces accumulated fat that has been stored all over your body and gets you back in shape faster.


WARM WATER MASSAGES- Having massages where your stomach is rubbed with water can help in dissolving stored up fat and even help the body absorb them for different types of excretion later.

This can be simply done by soaking a piece of cloth in warm water and rubbing that on the tummy at least once a day for fast results.


DRINK GREEN TEA-Green teas are special types of tea that are brewed in ways others aren’t.

They are brewed to help reduce fat build up and aid easy metabolism so drinking this will help reduce tummy size and help pass out waste faster.


STOP MEALS THAT ADDS TOO MUCH CALORIES-You are trying to reduce the calories in your body so adding to that with the wrong food choice isn’t going to help you at all.

Sugar and carbohydrate based meals are not just hard to digest; they are also addictive and store up in your body in fat friendly places which makes the body weight difficult to shed.

You are a nursing mother so going on a diet will be counterproductive but you can settle on meals that are whole grains and low diary.

TAKE LEMON-Lemon is a great anti oxidant and when it is combined with warm water it combines to act as a calorie expelling agent.

Whenever you are thirsty you can squeeze some lemon into a glass of warm water and it will be one of your best decisions.


TAKE VEGETABLES- To reduce belly fat, a section of feed you will need is the fiber family and the best way to get them is through vegetables that you can eat raw.

Good examples are cabbage, lettuce, peas, okra and fruit-based ones like avocados and pears.


TAKE SPICY FOOD-Thankfully most places I have been to in Nigeria don’t have problems with spicing up their meals but the advantages of spicy meals is more than just aiding the taste buds.

Spicy food aids metabolism and reduces fat build up in the body; so go shopping for some pepper, curry and cinnamon and garnish your meals for a reduced tummy size.


EXERCISE- Nothing on earth reduces fat like a good sweaty time, the moment you feel you are strong enough you need to get up and go burn some sweat.

To be on the safe side you can start with some light walk while you consult with your doctor if it is safe to do more.

I will recommend abdomen targeted exercises like Pelvic tilts tummy crunches, deep belly breathing and some time on the tread mill should get you back in shape.

AVOID STRESS-We react to stress by secreting the stress hormone cortisol which can cause irritability, mood swings and fat addition or retention which makes sure burning fat is hard.

It can also increase craving for addictive food that increases weight and ensures that whatever gain you made from following the other steps is reduced because of constant eating.

Avoid stress by resting and sleeping as your child sleeps and delegating some of the tasks you have to do.