July 01, 2019

It is a huge truth that the ability to multi task and still look fabulous isn’t just a choice for a woman, it has become a requirement for today’s women and the better you are at it the better the general outlook of life for you.

It is amazing how a woman is expected to wake up early have the meal on the cooker, take care of the kids and have them dressed for school while ensuring their bags are packed and probably breast feed the baby.

All of this happens while there is husband duty which leads to a drive to the kids school then to work then lunch break to pick supplies for the house and making phone calls to ensure the kids are back home safe and a host of things we all know I can’t recount because of space.

In the midst of that flurry of activity you are still expected to look toned, hot and to be able to fit into any dress.

What you will rarely get is a guide that shows you how to do this so here I am with advice that I know every woman will like.



This is the first step to getting this flurry of activities rolling in perfect sync.

You can’t afford to wake at just anytime that you want because then you will be losing valuable time that could have gone into activities that will ensure you have your ‘’me’’ time during the day.

For instance if you wake up early to put the clothes in the machine while you polish the children’s shoes you have just saved some thirty to forty five minutes that can be used for fitness purposes during the day.

Another huge point is the night before organization; you can get a lot of things done the night before so you can wake up the next morning with a huge chunk of the work out of the way so you don’t end up getting overwhelmed.


It is known that water is great for the body as it aids metabolism and cleans the system.

The general rule is to drink some glasses of water which many times is on the high side and ensures you spend the whole day urinating.

If that is something you want to avoid then you can take water based fruits like oranges, cashews, water melon and a host of others.

I advice you do this in the morning or even make a smoothie out of it and you would have started on the right foot.



To open up some time for you it is advisable that you ensure that your husband is hands on and understands everything you need to do.

You could be making break fasts while he boils bathing water for the kids and if you play it as a team throughout the day you will surely have some time during the day to hit the gym and put some work in.



I personally believe nannies are God sent and they are the reason women heave collective sigh of reliefs all around the world some times.

The truth is one of the major reasons you rarely have time for your self is because of your little bundles of joy so why don’t you allow a nanny take them off your hands for few hours.

I am not advocating that you allow a nanny raise your kids but a few hours so you can have time for yourself won’t hurt.



This is a nice combination that will really help you and your child, you can run alongside your child while he or she rides a bicycle around the street and that way you both get an exercise.

It will end up with you both going back home and getting some sleep which I must say a lot of women need.



A huge chunk of your time is spent at work so having a friend that encourages you to spend the lunch time exercising can be a huge thing.

If it is allowed at work you could also convert a room to a mini gym and change into some great work out gear and exercise.



So the kids are at a birth day party or they are at the movies with their dad you can use this time to get out and run.

You could also visit the gym and sweat it out until they come back.



This isn’t just fun but you are teaching your kids a valuable and healthy habit.

All you need do is go to the gym together and in fact there are gyms that have sections for kids now with a little added payment.

To your advantage too your man is there burning away the fat and hopefully getting shredded in the process which I must say is a great thing as watching your man sweat it out can be an aphrodisiac for other activities.


If you are going to a short distance down the street you don’t always need to drive, you can walk down or even jog down the street.

You don’t have to always take the elevator too you can climb the stairs and burn some calories.

You could lock the office door if you are less busy and do some static run, jumping jacks and any other exercises you can do in that place.



Having a gym at home isn’t as expensive as you might think since you will be buying equipments that you require not equipments for general use.

You can start putting money aside today to get those machines as you can start small maybe a dumb bell today a punching bag for him tomorrow so you don’t even have to leave the house to get the good exercise you need and deserve.