May 20, 2019

It won’t come as news to anybody on the planet earth today that exercising does the woman’s body a whole world of good.

It leaves your shape flawless your arms toned, your tummy flat and makes your legs fabulous, what you might not know is the fact that there are different types of training exercises that have different effects on your body.

One of those exercises and in fact one of the most efficient is the resistance training exercise.

You might have heard of it before, it is training exercise that usesresistance to trigger muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic strength, and size of skeletal muscles.

In lay term it is explained as exercise that makes use of an external resisting agent to build the muscles.

The external resisting agent could be dumb bells, your own body weight, rubber exercise tubing and bricks.

The science of what happens in your body can easily be explained when you imagine a slight muscle tear that happens as you do this exercise which leads to your body quickly repairing these muscles which leads to muscle regeneration and re-growth which makes the muscle stronger and tighter.

I would love to start listing the best resistance training excercises for woman but before I do that I would love to show you some advantages of this particular training regimen.


  • Improved muscle strength and tone which ensures your joints are injury free
  • It gives you a better and much more balanced posture
  • Its anaerobic qualities helps your lungs and all round respiratory system
  • It helps by giving you greater stamina and allows you work long hours without getting winded
  • It contributes to a better night sleep and fights insomnia
  • You look great so you feel confident and your self esteem shoots through the roof.


Now that you have six good reasons to go through the resistance training I am confident enough to give you the best resistance training exercise that will do your body a world of good.

I must quickly add that to get the best out of your resistance exercises it is best to start with a couple warm up exercises so some sideways stretch, static run and jumping jacks will be great.



This exercise is one of my favorites because you don’t even have to leave the house for this one because all you need is your nice gym wear and a chair

Stand on your toes with your feet extended slightly apart. Stretch your arms in front of you and keep them straight throughout this exercise.

 Bend your knees and squat like you do when you sit on a chair only this time you don’t fully sit on the chair, as soon as your butt hits the chair, dig back into your heel and get back into your starting position with your hands still in front of you.

That is one movement, now start to aim for five in a row and then ten and ten more as your level of endurance grows.

This will give you stronger legs and nice and firmer buttocks.





Your initial position should be you sitting then ensure your hands are raised slightly like you are making a bicep but this time they are in front of you.

Do it so your elbows are below your wrists on the same line than have someone pick up a pair of 5 to 8 pounds dumbbells and lay them on your hands.

Your work is to lift them straight up and drop them down to the initial position so the dumb bells are directly in front of your eye when your hands are down.

You should aim to have this movement at least twelve times before dropping the dumb bell then start all over again to tighten the muscles.

This move builds your upper body and ensures you have toned arms that every woman will envy.



Stand straight with your feet together, pick up the dumb bells which should be around 5 to 8 pounds, now bend your knees a bit and push your head forward so you are looking at few inches away from your shoes.

Now lift the dumbbells till they are level with your rib cage. Stay that way for a few seconds and drop them slowly then repeat.

You should aim for ten to twelve lifts at once to complete a good cycle.

This works on your hands, breasts, stomach and back



Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees with your feet flat and straight. Stretch your hands far apart and hold two dumbbells in each hand.

Here is where you start to contract and retract each hand so they come together without the dumb bells touching and return to opposite directions.

This exercise works best if you do at least ten of it in a row before stopping to take a break then going back to do the same thing.

This exercise builds your upper arm so you never join the league of women with too much arm fat.



Sit on the floor with your leg bent at 90 degrees then stretch your hand in front of you so it is just above your knees.

Now lift up your upper so your face is only inches away from your lap then go back but don’t lay your back completely on the floor.

Stay for a few seconds then repeat this movement at least 20 times for a full cycle.

This exercise will strengthen your stomach walls and is a good way to develop abs, this will require patience though as abs don’t happen in a week or month.



Get on all fours and shift your body weight on your right hand and left knee, stretch your left hand and right leg while looking straight ahead.

Hold that position for a few seconds then shift to the opposite limbs and alternate as much a s possible.

This position builds your back thighs and builds your endurance.