April 08, 2019

Wanting to look good is something that will never be foreign to women whether to a function or to work and even to play.

We love to look so good so much that sometimes just going to exercise wearing just anything found on the rack at the sports store doesn’t do it for us.

I mean, do you just want to put on just any track suit, leggings and tank top? Of course not, you want a fitness ensemble that sits well on your body, accentuates your best features and makes you look  good.

I also know you don’t want to search for that blindly without a guide. So I will dedicate some time to showing you how exactly to do that, so the next time you are exercising you are not just burning excess fat and gaining muscle mass but you look fabulous doing it.




I am starting with the pear shaped woman because this body type is one of the most common body types in the women specie.

This body shaped is characterized by a thin and slender neck, obvious hips and thighs, narrow or sloping shoulders, wider bottom and smaller bust in comparison to the bottom.

The best fitness clothes for this body type are clothes that direct attention to the body parts above the waist.

Clothes that show off your shoulder and ensure your bust is more pronounced are going to look great on you.

You could also wear loose fitting wears from the waist down so your obvious thighs and buttocks don’t catch all the attention.

The brighter colours should always be above your waist so the attention can generally be on that portion.

This body shape will do better in colored tank tops and sweat pants and I wouldn’t recommend gym shorts for this body shape.



The woman with a rectangle shape is usually on the straight side with little or no waist definition and a slender figure.

The fastest way to know you have a rectangular figure is by looking at the mirror and checking if your bust and your waist are around the same size with a slim tummy.

Another great characteristic of this body type which is in fact one of the bigger reasons it is called rectangular is a straight shoulder line which starts the rectangle shape.

For this body type you don’t want to wear anything that puts loud attention on your waist, instead wear gym apparels that have a line of color around the waist against a dark shade.

A good example will be a black gym short with a yellow line around the waist, a sports bra will flatter your body because of your tiny tummy and baring a little cleavage in a tank top padded around the breast will look great for you.

It is okay to mix colors as wearing a top that has the same colors with the bottoms might make you look straight and under weight.



Apple shaped women are sometimes also called top heavy women because they tend to have a bigger upper body.

This body type is mostly populated by women with large breasts and sometimes protruding bellies, fleshy shoulders that might lead to small arms.

The waist line is many times not on the obvious side or is just a little pronounced and that leads to great legs.

This body type is common among women that recently gained weight or just went through child birth.

The gym wear that flatters this body type are wears that are loose at the top but tightens or cinches at the waist, this makes the waist more obvious and defined which makes the woman stunning.

It is advisable to wear tight legging or spandex to flaunt the fabulous legs most of the women in this group are blessed with.

This body type is also advised not to wear tight tops on loose trousers because it will make them look bulky and too top heavy.

Mild colors like green and blue will be great for their top while the bottoms should always be black.



If you are blessed to have an hour glass figure I hope you know you are walking around with the body type that most women envy.

The hour glass figure is in perfect symmetry and the bust and the hip line are noticeable from a mile away

The waist is obvious and there is noticeable difference in the size of the hips and waist.

When you add weight it is evenly distributed in the upper and lower section so there isn’t a part that appears bigger.

Tank tops and shorts will go great on your body as they accentuate your slim waist.

You could also do well in a v neck tee and an exercise short. It is not advised that you wear loose clothes as they make you look heavier than you really are.

Your body type has the luxury to fit into most colours so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.



The skinny body shape is the type of body shape that is also called straight.

It is defined by a pronounced jaw line, tiny bust and a shoulder length that is most times in perfect symmetry with the waist.

The tummy is flat and you find it difficult to gain weight and if it happens you lose it quickly.

The best type of exercise clothes for you are padded tops and loose fitting tees on gym shorts that show your beautiful legs.

You are the type that is blessed with endless legs and it is always great to show them.

It is great to wear loose fitting shirts but if they become too big you might look lost in them.

It is also advised to stay away from anything with a floral print.



This shape is for the plus sized ladies, you are circular if you are fleshy and most times have big breasts and obvious stomach with a waist line that isn’t obvious.

Your buttocks and thighs will most likely be on the fleshy side so the best colors on this body type are darker colors with small patterns.

Gym jackets will look great on this body type and sweat pants will be fabulous, this body type isn’t advised to wear leggings, spandex or anything that is too tight.