March 31, 2019

I have been an advocate of women looking their best every time no matter the activity and working out isn’t an exception.

With fabulousness comes different questions and one that seems to be asked a lot is about the fit of the work out apparel.

Women want to know if tight or loose clothes are the best, from findings they are not just asking for fashion reasons alone, they are asking for a whole of other reasons.

They want to know for reasons like comfort and durability and thankfully I have the answer here and that is simple.

The simple fact is neither is better and before I am mobbed over the internet I will back up that statement with this fact.

The better work out gear depends on some factors and if you match these factors then you can choose appropriately.

I will run through these factors and give you reasons why you should use a loose or tight work out cloth



Height is a huge determining factor in how a woman dresses and I love to look at women from three levels height wise.

There are the tall women with the endless legs who don’t needs heels to tower over everybody.

We have the women that are of average height and of course the short ladies who are just cute and adorable.

I would start with the short ladies and advice that you can wear almost any type of exercise cloth but to be on the safe side wear tight fitting clothes because the stretch can make you look taller.

Wearing clothes that are too loose might make you look smaller than you really are and make you look too bulky especially if you are heavy.

A woman who is of average height can wear loose workout clothes because it is very hard to look at her and notice her height in the obvious way you will see that of a short or tall woman.

For a tall woman a tight gear especially one that is tight at the bottoms is going to be great for your long legs.



There are at least five types of body type for the women specie and each of them differ in some ways when it comes to work out clothes requirements.

The first is the pear body type which consists of the women with small busts with obvious hips, thighs and bottoms.

This is a very common body type and if you the reader don’t have it you certainly know someone that does.

This body type can rock a combination which means they can wear a tight top and a loose work out bottom like a sweat pant or the bottoms of a track suit.


The second body type is the rectangle which is characterized by a straight figure, a straight shoulder and most likely a waist line that isn’t obvious.

They are usually blessed with straight legs and toned thighs and they can do the opposite of what the first body type does.

They can wear a loose top to cover up the tiny waist and add a tight short to show the beautiful legs and toned thighs.

Another body type is the hour glass figure which from my experience is the prayer of most women but not all of us can have that.

This body type has the kind of symmetry that allows a tight clothe to sit perfectly because of all the curves.

The fourth body type is the apple body type or the top heavy women; this body type is filled with women that have an obvious upper body which means bigger arms and breasts and many times an obvious belly.

The lower body will pale in comparison to the upper body and the waist wouldn’t be as obvious so loose work out gears are good for this body type as it hides the difference in the sizes of the top and bottom.

We also have the round body type which is for the plus sized women; women with this body type are usually fleshy which means big upper arms, stomach and thighs.

It is not advised for them to wear tight workout clothes like leggings or spandex as it can make them look fuller than they are.



Not all work outs have the same requirements for obvious reasons so many times need to pick your apparel based on the exercise.

For instance if you are going rock climbing, I will recommend you use loose clothes that allows you to stretch and doesn’t impede breathing since you are going on high altitudes.

 If you are jogging, a loose tee and loose shorts might not be the best choice for that.

What if you are doing some planks then some loose clothes won’t get in the way but if its time for some super man exercises loose clothes might not be enough cover for a woman.



Clothes that are too tight on the joints are advised against because those are the pressure points of our skeletal systems and if you start to feel numbness or a burning sensation on your joints then your gear is too tight.

It is not just too tight, It is also causing damages to parts of your body for instance a gear that is too tight at the waist can affect the spine and cause damage.

Work out gear that is too tight can also cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica that can damage the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh which can affect mobility.

Work out clothe that is too tight can also rip and cause embarrassing moments especially if you are stretching or bending a lot during the work out

Clothes that are too loose on the other hand can be caught in a machine or on a jag of rock or get stepped on by the person wearing it on by someone close by.

Clothes that are too loose can also lead to some dreaded gym ward robe malfunction especially if you are doing some sort of climbing.

So there you have it the complete explanation of loose and fitting clothes for work out, I believe reading through this has helped you make the choice.

Remember which ever your choice is make sure it is not too tight or too lose so you don’t see the side effects of those choices.