April 16, 2019

Burning fat and building muscles has been a multi-billion-dollar industry for some time now and a huge percentage of women are interested because let’s face it lean and fit is very attractive, healthy and helps a woman make better fashion choices.

Everywhere you look there is this product promising to fix you up and probably turn you into a super model over night.

Are they all right and are there myths that have become so popular we all think they are true?

The huge truth is women are at a big disadvantage when it comes to fitness because most studies carried out are done with the man’s body in mind which leaves us with trials and errors because the female body is vastly different from that of a man.

For instance, we store fat faster than them in body parts they don’t necessarily store theirs like the buttocks and breasts.

I know women have a lot of questions about body building and Iwould be answering these questions by providing you with tips that would ensure you burn those fats no matter where they are built and build muscles.

I must point out that when I write build muscles I don’t mean you will bulk up like a prized wrestler, I mean you will be tight toned and have a physique that will be the envy of the women around.



Any one that tells you to start eating so little that you start starving and probably develop a stomach ulcer isn’t trying to help you.

I know this is a popular myth that almost everybody bought into but what is the joy in losing weight if you are hungry and miserable.

It goes beyond the hunger too because once you starve yourself and the fact that you can’t cheat nature kicks in, you will attack the pot and eat far more than you should adding to the body fat you already have.


What you want to do is cut out the complex carbohydrate from your food and do away with any sugary item including your favourite soda drinks.

You need to do that because your body will usually take the needed fat from these meals for use and store the excesses fat all over your body which is what you see.

You want to incorporate a lot of vegetable in your meals and get rid of the excess salt and seasonings.

Deep fried meals are a total NO when you are trying to lose weight and it is advised for you to oven bake if you must.

To hasten metabolism and to sweat off some calories faster introduce pepper and cinnamon into your meals and you will burn much needed fat.

Your fruits of choice should be bananas and water melons because some fruits are very sweet,fruits like pineapple are too sweet for you and believe me natural sugar is still sugar and it can still translate to fat if you take too much.

Finally break your meals into five small daily bits instead of two or three huge chunks.



If you are losing fat then there is a huge chance you are doing it while building muscle mass and there are great tips that will make the journey smoother and better.

Exercise goes from simple light walks to resistance training to military style body building and you always need to pace yourself.

If you are a beginner you don’t need to be dead lifting, instead start with exercises like walking long distances then jogging to actual running and then you move to exercises like squats,planks and sit ups.

Even when you are in the gym don’t start by lifting dumb bells,instead take the time to warm up the muscles by doing static running, jumping jack and all kinds of stretches.

Another huge tip you will need is the fact that you need to alternate routines quickly, you could do some pull ups, go skip a rope then do some squat and go back to some skipping.

This keeps you fresh,excited and makes sure your heart rate is at the right place.

There will be times that you won’t be able to go as far as you want to,don’t be hard on yourself and realize it is a marathon not a sprint.

It takes time to build the body you want so commit to putting in the time and work.



To build muscles you are doing one thing,tearing your old muscles and replacing them with stronger,tighter and bigger ones.

The truth is that process will come with some pain and soreness,not to scare you though because they are mild but you will feel them.

Soreness especially happens if you push too hard when you are on a new regimen so pace yourself if you are doing something new especially if it involves lifting weights.

When you exercise some muscles contract and leads to reduces mobility and soreness so the first thing you do after a workout is to stretch so you can unknot those muscles and feel better


Another thing you can do is to massage sore spots; you can do it yourself or have a partner do it.

A cloth soaked in warm water will also go a long way to help relieve the soreness and sitting or lying down to catch your breath doesn’t make you weak it just means you are human.

Now I just wrote for you to lie down but don’t do that for too long,if you are not winded anymore just walk around to stretch the muscles.

It is also okay to munch on some post work out meal like a banana to get you back in shape.

You are also in luck if you have ice around as that is one of the best ways to take care of an aching muscle or any spot that is carrying pain.

You can rub the ice on the spot in a clock wise manner or tap the ice to the part for sweet relief.

Finally take a nice shower for obvious reasons.