May 13, 2019

If you are anything like me, you love to look out for what is happening in the fashion world which is just a show case of women closets and female buying decisions all over the world.

If you have been watching you will notice something that might be as unusual as it is beautiful happening.

Women are beginning to wear clothes that some time ago were only considered appropriate for running on the tread mill, lifting weights, tummy crunches and everything gym related for other functions.

Think of it, I bet you have a friend that wears leggings to the grocery store or that neighbor who is always in a tank top.

It is here, it is thriving and it is fast becoming the most comfortable and alluring fashion trend.

It is athleisure, a combination of two great worlds athlete and leisure. It is the 280 billion dollars clothing market that has taken the world by storm and is the perfect trend for every woman of style and comfort.

Think of it, if you had a day plan that reads like this, go for a jog, take Junior to school, stop on the way for groceries, go to aerobics class and have a drink with girl friends.

You might have to change clothes and foot wears at least three times for that to happen and that can be a huge hassle on its own and a waste of precious time.

With the athleisure fashion trend you don’t have that problem because you can wear the same apparel to all these and still be daisy fresh.

With a lot of research comes clothes that absorb moisture and ensures you don’t smell bad and still ensures you look like the pretty princess you are.

Some of these apparels are well known and I can bet some of them are already adorning your closet but for people who don’t know them I will love to show you how to get the complete athleisure look.

If you can get this you are one of those beautiful efficient women who aren’t just trendy but are comfortable and time conscious.



It will rarely be a great work out if you have to contend with your breasts bouncing all over the place and that is why we have sport bras.

They are firm and helps keeps the breasts in place while you run, squat jump and do other physical activities.

The use doesn’t end there though as they are great for casual outings like a night party

Sport bras can also be worn under a coat or a loose shirt.


They are super comfortable and allow for a lot of freedom, they are great for the gym because of the freedom they allow as you sweat it out during aerobics or squats with weight lifting.

Outside the gym they are great on a pair of jeans or a top or even under a jacket.


In the gym they are the tight stretchy pants you wear as you stretch and lift weights.

Outside the gym they are your pants that goes well with your top and a jacket and leaves you looking trendy and super attractive.


The bike shorts comes in two types, there is the loose fitted and the tight fitted bike shorts.

Both do well for cyclists who get their exercises by riding on bicycles.

Outside of the exercise circle it is a trendy fashion statement that goes very well with the next item on this list.


This light moisture absorbing type of shirt might be the most popular athleisure wear because most of us are already wearing this outside of the gym.

The tee is the most sort after casual wear and it goes with almost every other piece of clothing.

You can put this on a jean trouser, on a pant trouser and even underneath a suit and you will still look trendy.


Going to work out and the weather is a little too cold for comfort? You can try on the gym jacket and I can bet you will feel warmer for the session ahead.

It does more than that though, it also helps to wick away moisture so you are not uncomfortable as you work out.

Outside of the gym it is great on top of a sport tee and a nice pair of leggings.

It will complete a casual but sophisticated look.


If you visit the gym regularly then there is a chance you come across the sweat pants at least once in a while.

They are free, elastic and warm because they help conserve body heat, what you should also know is they are great for a casual day and will go well on top of a sneaker or run shoes which takes us to the next item.


No gym session will be really comfortable without running shoes or sneakers.

What they do for you in the gym are obvious but what you might not have thought of is the fact that they go with most every casual look you want to pull off outside the gym.

Another thing you should know is as long as you have the right socks you can leave the gym and go anywhere else with your gym ensemble and you will blend.

That there, the ability to blend in and feel comfortable almost everywhere is why this fashion trend isn’t just going to stop at being just a trend but it is here to stay.

Thankfully it isn’t all sporty because it allows you to accessorize and throw in some bangles, chains and make up so you don’t just look like a gym rat but a fashionable woman in her prime.

And if you are reading this wondering if your age can rock this type of clothes then I say yes, because athleisure as it is name implies is for anybody that can be athletic and has the time for leisure.

That definition there doesn’t discriminate and is open for everybody so the next time you are planning your day don’t be afraid to have a lot of tasks because with athleisure you are always dressed for the occasion.