February 10, 2019

Why You Should Never Call Anyone Orobo


Every woman is created beautifully and should be celebrated and appreciated


Why are people so mean to people who do not meet the so-called healthy weight requirements?
Every woman is created beautifully and should be celebrated and appreciated. But sadly, this is not the
case. Woman around the world with a certain body size and shape are insulted, criticized, humiliated and
stigmatized on the regular.
It is important to note that our body weight is so much more than money—there’s genetics, hormones,
biology, psychology etc.


Being called Fat or OROBO as my Nigerian people would say it, is the ultimate insult ever. With just a glance at someone’s size, we make assumptions about her status, motivation level, emotional balance, and general worth as a human. People go as far as prescribing diet plans, exercise routines, teas, drugs etc.
People are so ignorant as to what weight really is that they assume that those who are fat or plus size do not have the strength of character to change their bodies. Well, social media and society in general reinforce stereotypes that fat individuals are lazy, don’t exercise, and are preoccupied with food consumption. They are stereotyped as lacking in self-discipline, as greedy, selfish, and careless For starters, there’s the assumption that everyone has the same goal—to be thin—when the smarter goal really is really to be healthy. Seriously guys, not everyone want to be a size 2 or 4. The message that should be preached is being health conscious and being active.


The Reality is: Weight really says nothing about well-being. First off, there are plenty of women who are totally happy with how they look, but less than pleased with how they’re treated or picked on because of how they look—which is why speaking out against fat-shaming/body shaming is so important to set the record straight. And while some people do gain weight as a result of stress/depression, there are also people who lose weight because they’re unhappy and gain weight when they’re most satisfied.


Here’s how we can change.

  • Stop calling people names
  • Stop body shaming others
  • Stop assuming that every big size person needs a diet plan of some sort
  • Stop insinuating that every plus size woman must be inactive

It’s painful and embarrassing to realize how deeply these assumptions can hurt people.


So, the next time you see a plus size person, remember we were all created in different shapes
and sizes and most importantly, you do not have all the facts and not the right to assume that they care less about themselves.

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