About Us

Hello fab family, my name is Martina Ojonah and I'm literally your girl next door...I love fashion just like you...oh yea who doesn't like to play dress-up...haha. I also love to cook...well as a mum of three gorgeous girls...I don't have a lot of choices now do I? But really after a long day, I love to sort dinner and watch us eat around the table...I also love my series, chocolates, and everything with peanut in it (i wonder who finished the jar of peanut butter in the fridge). I've tried learning how to swim but for some reason, I just can't swim to save my life...please help a sister.  My love for fashion and fitness inspired me to design my fashion-forward fitness clothing collection that is guaranteed to take you from the gym to brunch. Designing my own fitness clothing had been a dream of mine since my college years. This dream finally came together in 2015 when my family moved to Asia and I started working on my designs and after 3 amazing years exploring Asia we moved back to Atlanta, Georgia.

My philosophy is that every woman/girl be comfortable in herself and make a conscious decision to be healthy at her own pace in the most stylish way possible. I am Martina Ojonah the founder and creative designer of GF Fitness Wear. So join me on this journey and let’s take you from drab to super fab.